The key SOP/ LOM is your application's decision-maker and game changer. It helps the admission committee assess your take on life, your career goals, beliefs, subject knowledge, and your vision. In short, a well-written SOP/ LOM paints your overall personality for the universities. It is an opportunity to pitch your purpose to the committee and reasons why they should choose you over other applicants.

? A good SOP/ LOM works great for weak academic profiles where you can compensate by highlighting your future goals and ambitions.

? A well-written SOP/ LOM also reflects how well you can express your thoughts using your writing skills.

?? We ensure that your SOP/ LOM is as per German University standards.

?? We provide that your SOP/ LOM is plagiarism-free.

?? Evaluate for spelling and grammar mistakes.

?? We conduct structure and content suitability analysis according to your desired course and university.

?? Finally, we deliver the evaluation report along with all essential remarks and recommendations.

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